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Eyebrow Microblading

Welcome to perfect eyebrows around the clock!
With eyebrow microblading, you’ll wake up and go to sleep feeling beautiful, and you’ll get hours of your life back from the hassle of drawing and filling in your eyebrow makeup! You’ll no longer worry about your eyebrows coming off in the pool or in a workout session, or anywhere. With new confidence and more time, our clients rave about how life-changing this procedure is!

What issues does eyebrow microblading solve?
Eyebrow issues are common – the causes vary from eyebrows being over-tweezed, under-tweezed, medical conditions, injury or the natural ageing process. If you’ve lost your eyebrows or have patchy hair growth you know first-hand how it affects your overall appearance and self-confidence. You also know how much time you spend drawing your brows in every day, and the insecure feeling you might get when you sweat or go swimming, that your brows will disappear. Achieving natural-looking eyebrows using makeup pencils and eyebrow powders is a challenge, which is time consuming and has to be repeated many times a day.
With microblading, your eyebrows will be professionally styled every day and stay that way!

What is microblading?
Eyebrow microblading got its start in Asia, recently exploded in Europe, and is currently one of the hottest beauty trends in the United States, being touted by celebrities and covered recently in publications like Marie Claire, Allure, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Elle.
Unlike eyebrow “tattooing”, microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic technique used for creating and filling in eyebrows. A sterilized, handheld microblade tool applies pigment with tiny needles in individual strokes, creating fine lines of color that resemble extremely lifelike hair. No damage is done to the hair you currently have, and often clients report hair grows back even better after they’ve had microblading. Pigment is inserted into just the dermal layer of the skin, therefore it’s far less painful than a tattoo and will also fade in 1-3 years. This is perfect because facial shapes and eyebrow style trends change!

The microblading process
Your technician will custom blend your perfect color, get to know your lifestyle and personality, and advise you on the best shape and arch for your face. She’ll draw them in with a pencil first, then, with your skin having been numbed with a topical cream, she’ll use a handheld microblade tool to artistically hand draw your new eyebrows in with fine strokes.
A microblading procedure usually takes 1-2 hours including a consultation, and there is no downtime afterwards.


For the most natural look, you may want to try an eyelash base enhancement. This service involves applying pigment to the skin at the base of the lashes, between the rows of individual hairs. This differs from permanent eyeliner in that no obvious line is drawn beyond the last row of lashes. The effect is that of fuller, thicker, and darker lashes. This service is popular with men and women looking to enhance eye definition without the appearance of makeup.

Areola Re-pigmentation & Nipple Restoration
Unilateral $300.00, Bilateral $600.00

If you’ve had a mastectomy or another type of breast surgery, or if you have irregular, fading, of faded areolas, J Marie Skin Studio can restore or enhance the look of your breasts. And, for many women and men, that translates to restored confidence.
Areola re-pigmentation is a specialty area of permanent cosmetics, sometimes referred to as a paramedical procedure. It requires advanced education, extensive training, and experience. That’s especially true with today’s 3D techniques, which produce astonishingly realistic results.

If you have suffered a lumpectomy or mastectomy, you may need to have one or both areolas and nipples recreated. At J Marie Skin Studio, our highly skilled artists are masters at applying micropigmentation, playing with light and shadows to achieve a 3D effect or the illusion of a protruding nipple. For a unilateral mastectomy, our artists take great care in matching the new areola/nipple to the existing. For bilateral mastectomy patients, our artists work with you to design and create both areolas and nipples. This type of complex areola simulation can be achieved with or without a nipple “button” created by your surgeon. Areola/nipple restoration is usually done a minimum of 6 months after surgery and may require more than one visit to achieve the best results.
Each year, J Marie Skin Studio offers a certain number of complimentary areola/nipple restorations to cancer survivors, please contact us for details.


Powder Brows are a type of permanent makeup that uses machine shading techniques vs manually applied strokes. This creates a soft powdery look that mimics makeup. Typically the tail of the brow is the darkest and lightens to the front of the brow creating an ombre effect. Powder brows are great for most clients, especially those with mature and oily skin.

Permanent Eyeliner
Top Liner $250.00, Bottom Liner $250.00, Both $400.00

Say hello to perfectly defined eyes all day and night!
From professionals to athletes to busy moms, more and more people are discovering the advantages of using permanent eyeliner. It enhances your appearance, saves valuable time, and most of all, it will never smear or rub off your skin!

How is permanent eyeliner done?
Your technician is your makeup artist and will first consult with you to get to know your lifestyle, personality and find out what you want in your eyeliner look. Whether you’re looking for a subtle contour to accentuate your eyes or a dramatic cat eye look, our team can do it all. She’ll advise you on all the options, from color (we use over 40 hypo-allergenic pigments to create the perfect one for you!) to shape to thickness. You’ll discuss where you’d like your color – on your upper and/or lower eyelid. Eyeliner will be drawn in pencil first to simulate how it will look when done.
Once your consultation is complete you’ll be numbed with topical anesthesia cream to minimize any discomfort. Your technician will use a micropigmentation tool to carefully infuse eyeliner pigments into your skin. Because the pigment only goes into the dermal layer of your skin, eyeliner will fade in 1-3 years. This is perfect because facial shapes and eyeliner style trends change!
There’s no downtime after your 1-2 hour procedure, and you’ll immediately get to enjoy the benefits of having eyeliner that never smears or rubs off even through watery eyes, perspiration, sleep and the weather!

Lip Tinting

The key to a more confident smile. The key to sexy, smudge-free lips.
There’s no other makeup ritual that has to be repeated as often as the reapplication of lipsticks, liners and glosses. It smears off eating, drinking, sweating, kissing your baby, or just by talking! Permanent lip tinting frees you from the nuisance of reapplying lipstick ten times a day, and the embarrassment of lipstick coming off on everything from mugs to a special someone’s face.
Lip tinting shapes and defines your natural lip line as well as enhances your natural lip color, giving your lips a healthy, sexy appearance.

Lip tinting is best for…
People with natural lip color so similar to their face color that they appear washed out without lipstick on, as well as those with uneven or undefined lips. Busy professionals and parents, travelers, sports and outdoors-loving people rave about how lip tinting frees up hours of their time. Lipstick and lip gloss connoisseurs also swear by lip tinting, because they can still apply their lip cosmetics as desired, but never be bare all the time.

The lip tinting procedure
The expert permanent makeup artists at J Marie Skin Studio are adept in the art and science of designing the correct lip shape.
You procedure will start with a consultation with your technician, who is also your makeup artist. She’ll look at your face and lip shape and advise where your lip line should be. Together, with over 40 hypo-allergenic pigments, you’ll custom blend the perfect shade – whether that’s a “just-bitten” barely there stain to a more bold look. She’ll draw in your color in pencil, and once you’ve settled on your shape and color, lay back and let her do her magic!
You’ll be numbed by a topical anesthetic for minimum discomfort, and your technician will use a micropigmentation pen to artistically create your new perfect lips. Because the “tattoo” is only going into the dermal layer of your skin, it will fade in 1-3 years. This semi-permanence is ideal because lip and facial shapes change over time, as do lip style trends.
There’s no downtime after the procedure. When you walk out the door you’ll enjoy the new freedom from hours of applying and reapplying lipstick, as well as never again glancing in the mirror and wondering how long the glob of lipstick has been on your teeth!

Lip Liner Only

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