Massage Therapy

Jmarie Signature Massage

This full body massage starts with slow gentle compression's and delicate undraping of your back. After a few moments, you will feel warm hands followed by slow elongated strokes that will increase in pressure; starting at the base of your skull, traveling down to your sacrum. Unlike many massages, we don’t break contact. This means there is continuous massage or compression the entirety of your massage. With the Jmarie Signature Massage you can sink into the heated bed and have a break from reality.

60 minute, 90 minute & 120 minute massages available.

Facial Massage Add On: A focused massage along the forehead, jawline, as well as below the eyes along your cheek bones. This facial massage incorporates cold stone therapy to help alleviate pain associated with headaches, TMJ, nasal congestion as well as hot flashes. Cold stones can also be exchanged for hot stones for pure relaxation.

Scalp Massage Add On: For those who suffer from tension headaches or enjoy having your hair played with. This scalp massage includes nourishing hair oil that is thoroughly massaged into your scalp, while sending you into another state of relaxation.

CBD Massage Add On: Fantastic for pushing relaxation to the next level. Our CBD is massaged and used throughout the entirety of your session. CBD helps reduce inflammation, aids in alleviating pain, and promotes pure relaxation as it helps tremendously with anxiety and depression.

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