I’ve heard numerous horror stories about past waxing experiences that have left physical, and sometimes, mental scarring. I have put together some tips to help prepare you for a Brazilian wax.

  1. Let it be! Hair to be waxed needs to be at least 0.25" L or as long as your lower eyelashes. Any shorter and the service is a painful waste of time and money. The wax needs something substantial to gripso hair can be pulled out by the root. I turn clients away if the hair is any shorter. If they continue to grow it and return in 2 weeks, they’ll reap the benefits.

  2. Take a chill pill. Specifically, an anti-inflammatory, such as ibuprofen, can ease some of the discomfort of waxing. The key is for you to take it one hour before your appointment.

  3. Be realistic. It’s going to hurt when you pull the hair down there out directly by its roots, and it can be especially uncomfortable for first-timers. An analgesic can be applied topically to ease any discomfort.

  4. Plan around "Aunt Flo." Getting a Brazilian wax the week before your period is a no-no if you can help it. PMS can cause all kinds of issues, including skin sensitivity. The best time for your clients to go bare is the week following their menstrual cycle.


Be sure your technicians don’t double dip their applicators. Any applicator that has touched your skin should not be put back into the wax. Some technicians will tell you double dipping is acceptable if the wax is hot enough to kill any germs, but this is not true. In fact, hot wax only raises the risk of burning your skin! If you see double dipping, RUN as fast as you can!


I recommend that you ditch the razor and enjoy a life without razor burn and nicks, shower yoga poses, and awkward itching. It can be a reality! Consistent waxing will weaken follicles and roots, leading to sparse and thinner hair, and less painful sessions. Consistent waxing means every 3-6 weeks, rather than every few days.